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API Specification

This page contains links to the API specification that descibes the classes and functions that make up the GridSlammer toolkit.  The information in these pages is likely to change significantly during the early revision of GridSlammer.  There are alreadu several major changes I plan to make.
  1. The parameters to ConnectToGrid will be collapsed into a single structure that is passed in.  Otherwise, the parameter list could grow unweildy over time.
  2. Currently, just about everything in the classes is declared public.  This is just plain sloppiness on my part and will change as GridSlammer is refined.
  3. A whole new set of variables and methods will be added to handle sound support
And no doubt a bunch of other things I haven't thought of will be added.  Here are
the four primary classes in the GridSlammer toolkit.  Click on the individual class name to see a detailed discription of the class.
CGridView Defines the graphics technology used and the visible window that the game is rendered into
CGridObj An interactive game object, usually a game character or part of the terrain.  Throughout this document, instances of CGridObj or any derived class will be refered to as a Grid Object.
CGridActor Derived from CGridObj, it has additional capabilities, including the ability to change position (move) within the grid.
CGridStage A container for the game objects.  It containes the active game map and the position of Objects within it.

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