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What is it?

DroidWars is the reference game being developed primary to test and demonstrate the GridSlammer game engine. It is a basic maze hunting shoot-em-up type game, but could easily be expanded to do some really cool stuff. Eventually, I want to use GridSlammer to develop a massively multi-player game with a network of 'worlds' scattered around the net. This game could be a good jumping off point for that project. The GridSlammer tool kit is included with the DroidWars sourcecode. In fact, it is currently the only way to get the GridSlammer kit. At some point it will be split off into its own package, but for now there is just the one. 

OK, So What Does it Look Like?

You want screenshots? We got screenshots! DroidWars has been developed to run in 640 x 480 resolution, either in full screen mode or as a window. Click on the images shown below to see the full resolution screen snapshots.
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Yes, the graphics are a little crude... I never claimed to be an artist. If someone wants to draw or scan better images for landscape and droids, I would be grateful. I also plan to add support for various lighting and fog affects, which should really make it look slick. 

Where can I get it?

Screenshots are cool, but real code is better! Download the complete source code for DroidWars and the GridSlammer tool kit directly from the web site or from our anonymous FTP server.

Important Note: You must have SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) installed for the Linux version of Droidwars/Gridslammer to work. You can download SDL from http://www.libsdl.org/

It would be wonderful if other sites mirror these downloads. If you plan to do that, please send email to the GridSlammer feedback address and I will add your site to a mirrors list on this page. 

What Needs to be Done On It?

A bunch of stuff needs to be added to DroidWars.

  • Better graphics
  • Joystick and mouse support
  • Network play
  • Customizable droids
  • A level editor
  • More levels
  • A lead-in movie clip
And there are no doubt zillions of other enhancements that I have not thought of but others will. If you would like to help enhance and expand DroidWars, please check out the developers pages, then consider joining the developers mailing lists
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