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Developer Resources

If you have decided to work on the GridSlammer toolkit, work on the DroidWars game, or develop your own game using GridSlammer, then this web page is aimed at you. It will discuss the design concepts that went into GridSlammer, outline the API and class hierarchy of the toolkit, and provide a tutorial showing how to use it. 

CVS Access

CVS access to the source code is not yet established. In the mean time, simply email any bug fixes or enhancements (in the form of diffs) to the feedback email address and I will roll them into the development code tree. Hopefully I will have CVS installed and configured before I am overwhelmed with emailed patches. 

Developers Mailing List

To join the GridSlammer developers mailing list, simply send an email message to listadmin@@dexter.glaci.com and put subscribe gridslammer-dev as the only words in the body of the message.

I may eventually create a DroidWars specific mailing list, but for now the list volume is low enough that it does not seem necessary. I also plan to eventually put a searchable list archive on-line.

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